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Online installations

The CAReGO logistics management solution client application software can be installed online without any expert help. Even after a hardware crash, the application can resume operations by simple installation. All Branch Database are controlled from the Head Office.

Ensured security

Flawless Security features are ensured to secure your business data. Highest security is offered through fool-proof hardware fingerprint verification before the database is connected. Encrypted data transfer and operator permissions from HO ensure maximum security and control for the head office over the work flow.

Expandable operations

Multiple companies can be operated within a single interface, yet accounts and MIS reports can be independent. Enables multiple services through the same interface, for Cargo, Courier and Transportation. Supports unlimited number of branches and franchisees anywhere across the world.

Higher Return on Investment

The transportation domain being a widely distributed one, CAReGO offers lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). CAReGO has many unique features like Bit Processing and Sync Rapid Technology for data transfer. These technologies ensure smooth and speedy workflow without Leased lines or broad band connectivity. Even with dial up connections, CAReGO assures real time data availability in all branches. The CAReGO just required an EDP resource and does not need experienced Server or Database Administrators. CAReGO require low configuration hardware systems and do not require any third party software or utilities thus saving initial investments.

High fidelity client application

Distributed Client Application works in offline mode with Web server support ensure optimum operation speed unaffected by the real time inter branch connectivity available.

Savings on connectivity

Internet connectivity required only while application synchronises with web server and even that for a shorter time. This makes CAReGO most suitable for remote location operations where 24x7 connectivity cannot be ensured.

Failsafe back up system

Back up of entire booking, transportation and delivery information is available at a remote location which can be downloaded with a simple click. Regular Client Server based machine back up keep the entire data secured and systematic for future needs. The Active and Passive DB architecture keep the branches equipped to avoid any backlog burden which ensure the optimum automation uptime.

Schedule intelligently

Effective Trip Management and route planning to maximise income per route. Trips evaluation for cost saving, resource analysis for effective usage are useful in day to day scheduling. Break Journey, temporary trip management, rescheduling consignment are some of the features.

Extended web portal

Solution integrated corporate site provides information to track and monitor the status of consignment to consignee and consignor. Online request for booking and door collection, delivery time details, customer friendly tracking interface, synchronised status of consignments, duplicate waybills printing, customer accounts page retrieval are made possible online.

Lowest business overheads

Reduction of communication leads to considerable amount of cost and effort savings. The clarity and accuracy of inter office communications, cutting costs and investments for leased lines are direct benefits other than considerable reduction in duplication of tasks. The logistics cycle is completed with minimum resources and manpower providing maximum control over the process. This alone have significant effect on reduction of business overheads.

Hybrid, scalable and adaptable technology

CAReGO logistics management solution derives its strength and its adaptability to suit any operational workflow from the Hybrid Technology it adopts. Client side application runs on Windows, Server side application on Linux, combining the strengths of both platforms.
On client machines, MySQL for Windows is the database which is bridged seamlessly with the MySQL for Linux on Server. CAReGO logistics management solution is network ready and supports LAN connectivity.

Spectrum of features

Online Administrative back-end, online Master Data creation and editing, auto Trouble Ticket generation with screen shot upload for bug fixing, MIS reports, Taxation Reports, Accounts Exporter are some of the features.


The futuristic haulage workflow management solution – CAReGO - developed with keeping an eye on entire workflow had been divided into five major modules for the ease of operations.


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Central Admin

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On-line Admin

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Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of transport operators and freight forwarding companies. Seemingly negligible yet sensitive factors become an organizational and planning challenge. In order to handle the multifarious jobs of a logistician, the solution needs to flexible and competent for every operations in the workflow


Desk Top Application
Powerful Search
Automated Trip Loading
Consignment Re-routing
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Centralised Administration
Local Data Backup
Local Data Restoration
Invoice Rate Settings
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Remote Data Backup
Online Data Restoration
Auto Bug Reporting
Application Updates
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Extended web portal
Online Customer Support
Online Booking Enabled
Consignment Tracking
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The logistics and transportation activities are moving towards the centre stage world around and becoming the most critical business function in today's world of immense competition. Today, quickest and efficient supply chain management is the key success factor for many business sectors.
Surface transport still rules as the most widely used mode of logistics in our country. It's high time; the transportation companies switch to futuristic technology solutions to manage the ever growing industry requirements and never ending customer demands. The solutions that move beyond just logics, towards being efficient, cost effective and quick.

Welcome to the pages of CAReGO, the most needed logistics enabler for your haulage business! Carego – Transportation Management Solution for Less Than Truckload (LTL) & Full Truck Load (FTL) Transporters.
Powered by Innoval Digital Solutions. Meeting the toughest demands and to develop a fail safe system for a complex business needs much more than a set of tools. It needs thorough understanding of logistics business, it's workflow, hurdles faced in day to day operations, analysing the industry trends, infrastructure bottlenecks and finally the highest ability to seamlessly merge the advantages of various technology to create a superior product that stand firmly for your business. Today and tomorrow. Innoval's authoritative expertise in server side technology along with application development skillsets powered Carego to be a futuristic workflow solution par excellence.

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