CAReGO is a desk top application, gives you the freedom of brilliant operational speed. It has the back end of MySQL for Windows at the client machine and developed in VB to assure that the application works well even in low configured systems as well. The learning curve is minimal since most of us are familiar with Windows as the operating system. Since MySQL is open source data base, it again helps invest less in the software environment for the application. CAReGO carries all the advantages of a Desk top application with the versatility of an online solution.
The rate per area of a warehouse at the heart of Connaught Place in Delhi and Nilambur in Kerala are polls apart. That's why Demurrage charge setting in CAReGO is based on branches. When you create a new branch, demurrage charges for that branch need to be specified, the same applies for all transactions and at the time of delivery the demurrage charges are calculated automatically.
CAReGO is integrated with an efficient yet powerful integrated search options. You can search for almost anything in your database. It displays the results precisely within seconds to save valuable time. The search functions is of immense help for customer support activities and crisis management.
Since the inventory in logistics business is perishable, optimum loading in trucks is crucial to the profitability. Many times unidentified consignments are left unnoticed on the branches, yet the trucks runs below the optimum loading capacity. To save time and money and to ensure customer satisfaction, all consignments need to be transported at the first instance after booking. CAReGO logistics management solution helps you to achieve this by printing automated loading sheets with identifying details in chronologically and LIFO (Last In First Out) order. All you need to do is just select the trip ID! (Trip ID is derived from the registration number of vehicle and date of trip start). The Trip Loading Sheet will be printed and you can follow it religiously to make sure nothing is left out in your branch. No confusions and big time saving.
The branch manger may not know where the consignments are destined and their volume. Load planner, helps in identifying number of vehicles needed, their capacity and the route, so that the dispatch is profitable and quick.
Unloading from a fully loaded truck is another Herculean task. These need to be managed by the dedicated human workforce. CAReGO logistics management solution provides an automated unloading sheet which can be generated from the branch when a truck is ready for unloading. This will help the unloading staff to get the complete details in an assorted manner. This unloading sheet helps to unload without mistakes and track the unloading precisely and without much human interpretations.
CAReGO supports Re-routing of the consignments booked, even while on transporting. If a consignment booked to a branch reached another branch (by mistake or for genuine reasons), the same consignment can be re-routed to it's original destination branch. Additional delivery charges if any can be applied at the time of delivery. The best part is, CAReGO allows the re routing to be done from the booking branch, current destination branch and it is even possible from the head office. Once a consignment is re-routed, it will reflect in all necessary reports and tracking records.
CAReGO support Trip management based on pre-defined routes. While creating a trip, all the destination branches that come in the route will be attached to the trip. This will help to identify all the branches in that trip. A trip ID is derived from the registration number of vehicle and starting date of that trip. It's a unique combination which helps to identify the trip with its date of operation as well as the vehicle used for that trip.
CAReGO provides the complete vehicle details for managing your most expensive machineries – your vehicles. Each time when a truck visits your branch, CAReGO collects details about the mileage and time taken to prepare the MIS reports which helps to monitor and control your operational expenses. CAReGO can capture real time data from vehicle tracking management systems like GPS or GPRS. This can be introduced with CAReGO for the advanced level fleet management.
The efficiency and expenses study can be carried out periodically to control the recurring expenses vehicles. The expense details like Toll charges, wayside expenses, repair charges, fuel expenses are captured in separate heads.
Now in our industry, customer support is crucial and cannot be taken lightly. Door pickup requests from the customers are supported in CAReGO if your branch is capable to do it. You can even set the rates through your administrative control panel, you can even define that these rates can be branch editable or not. Branch can also set up their fees for location based door pickup service. CAReGO will take the higher rates if there are two rates specified. Our geographical locations will always mislead us in determining the exact fee for the service we provide. Be cool! CAReGO can take care of that…
Door delivery request are common in haulage industry. But we should be beware of providing false promises to our customers. Some of our branches may not be providing the door delivery services. This information should be shared among all the branches to provide efficient and accurate customer support. CAReGO allows the administrator to set that if the branch offers door delivery service. Its rate can also be controlled centrally. Branch can also provide the rates based on location which will be reflected in rate calculation.
If a branch offer the door delivery services they can specify the locations and rates for that in the system. After unloading of a trip, the branch can create their route based door delivery sheet. This helps in planning and directing the local door delivery. Also the information about the door delivery location helps other branches to know the areas covered for door delivery.
Identifying the customer's potential is one of the major tasks of logistics companies. A Consigner can always be a Consignee. That's why CAReGO provides entire customer's details at all branches, avoiding the need to create a customer each time in every branch when an existing customer becomes their consignee. This quick find feature saves valuable time and helps to complete the booking procedure within seconds.
Your CAReGO is capable of accounting your operational transactions under different heads. A way bill can be generated with different payment heads, as consigner paid, consignee payable, partial paid balance to pay etc. The partial payment facility is activated automatically from the cash receipt.
CAReGO provides a complete operational accounting system integrated with it. This accounting system will help to analyze the efficiencies of each of your operations to correct the practices and set new directions. CAReGO can also provide you with highly customisable reports as per your requirements. We are always at the backend to fine tune CAReGO for your requirements and to generate MIS reports, reports to government and taxation authorities etc. as you demand.


CAReGO is designed with the idea of total control over the branches from the head office. Head office can dynamically manage the rate settings, branch commission, branch users, trip management, edit the waybills, control the delivery, online customer tracking, online booking management… what else? It can even control the branch database. The best way to enforce total control over the branches distributed across the country.
CAReGO is capable to backup the data to the local disk through its desk top application. Any user with backup permission can save regular backups of the whole database in your own computer for peace of mind. We too suggest a local data backup, it is good to restore the same much faster than recovering from the server through the unique Automatic Online Data Restoration feature of CAReGO.
The feature matter a lot in certain situations like the database crashed due to unforeseen reasons. If your computer couldn't establish the connection, or application fails to do so, then 'User Initiated Local Data Restoration' comes handy. You can initiate a Data Base Restoration from a local backup and the application is ready within few minutes. If your database backup is little old, CAReGO will supply the balance data when it get synchronised next time.
An invoice (Waybill or Goods Consignment Note) usually consists different Price Heads like Freight Charges, Surcharge, Handling Charges, Stationary Charges etc. All of these can be controlled from a central office which will get distributed into all branch databases when they get sync with the Server. You can save different rate settings in CAReGO for different customer,customer group,distance,cartons, branches and remote locations you operate.
Logistics business requires a lot of customisation to each branch and nature of business at that part of the world. You need a wide network across the country to fulfil the customer demands. This network can be direct branches or a franchisee network distributed across. That purely depends on the business strategies you adopt. CAReGO provide you with flexible array of commission settings with different mode of customisable commissions to suit your business. And imagine if you can set up commission rates for branches independently.
CAReGO fully understands the security concerns in providing permissions to employees and developed this state of the art User Level Permission Management feature. You can add, modify, activate, suspend or delete a user from the system. A user will be strictly assigned to a branch; again for the security reasons. You can control the menu permissions of a user from head office. CAReGO provides the real comfort and security to your business!
At any point of time during a vehicle's journey the vehicle can take a different route.The new route can include one or more branches.
There are situations that warrants unloading of goods at a different branch or in a branch via route. This can also happen due to some mistake. To manage such situations, CAReGO has a 'Consignment Temporary Unloading' feature. You can unload the consignments at any branch via route. Just notify CAReGO that a consignment is unloaded at a particular branch and rest will be taken care by CAReGO. The same will be reflected everywhere and tracking is absolutely in control.
Temporary trips are often conducted with third party trucks hired or arranged for transporting your consignments. This will also occur when one of your trips got cancelled due to a vehicle break down between some branches. These could be managed in CAReGO through a unique procedure - Temporary Trips. These trips will not bind with normal routes you specified. The delivery portion can be completed using CAReGO's normal delivery procedures.
Even situations like unusual trips or break downs doesn't collapse the workflow of your business thus CAReGO helps to ensure that other trips are not affected and doenot require any more panic calls between the branches. Thus ontime delivery, customer satisfaction and steady work flow are assured everyday.
The efficiency and expenses study can be carried out periodically to control the recurring expenses vehicles. The expense details like Toll charges, wayside expenses, repair charges, fuel expenses are captured in separate heads.
Each customer will be locked with their serving branch where the branch can lock them against a location. This will help the branch to set up separate door collection or door delivery charges for the customer based on their location. This feature will also help to assign a branch responsible for credit collections when the customer is allotted with credit facility. Head office can also view this.
Selected group of customers may require services from multiple branches. A larger group company may operate from different locations and such customers will be multi branch customers. While creating a new customer, CAReGO will automatically identify if the customer pre-exist and create the customer as a Multi Branch Customer. These customers will be connected to a branch, but the consolidated accounts and reports can be generated with details from all branches. This will be an advantage to corporate customers.
If you can not find a customer in the list while creating a way bill, it may result in creating that customer again. CAReGO will automatically identify same customers with multiple entries and prompt the operator about the duplication. CAReGO introduced an unmatched merge customer facility. When two or more customers are merged, their bookings, receipts and accounts will also get merged to show all the details under one head…
CAReGO allow you to extend and account credit facility to your loyal customers. You can even set a credit limit to a particular customer. Enabling credit feature to a customer is controlled centrally – from the head office. This helps to monitor and control unwanted and unauthorised credits and directly keeps cash flow under control.The customer can be give any billable location.

Cost Saving

Once a branch is created by the head office, CAReGO will provide you with an authorisation code to activate the branch application set up. A branch user can download a small set up file from website and complete the application installation. Good bye to those frantic days like an EDP Executive will rush to the branch for installation; and return waiting for a call to another branch. It doesn't matter whether the branch is, may be at Kanyakumari in Tamilnadu or Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir, CAReGO install itself. This avoids travel and saves a lot of time and expenses.
CAReGO is capable of partial automation of your branches. The reasons for partial automation may be several ones like branch operator is computer illiterate, budgetary constraints, connectivity problems, branch is not profitable etc. CAReGO will help to initiate the automation process to selected branches initially. CAReGO keeps your organisation totally automated irrespective of the fact that only few branches are connected to it. Seems thrilling? Just check out how it really works for you!
You can create all your branches in CAReGO but it identifies the branches you really automated. There will be four types of transactions.
Transaction between two Computerised branches,
Transaction from a Computerised branch to a non-Computerised branch,
Transaction from a non-Computerised branch to a Computerised branch &
Transaction from a non-Computerised branch to a non-Computerised branch.
For case A and B, the way bills are prepared automatically, in the third case C, the delivery branch will update the way bills and for the last one any branch can help the non-Computerised branch to keep their data base ready for automation in a later time. When a non-Computerised branch is automated, CAReGO will provide them their data base from the date your organisation really automated or installed CAReGO. Technology helps you to look back. Efficiently.
CAReGO efficiently supports multiple Companies with multiple services like Cargo, Courier or other services. Different companies can be operated through the same interface, but with individual tracking and accounts. You can even assign different companies for each branch and different operators for separate companies. All your business can be operated from a single source solution – CAReGO.


If your data is at Risk, your business is at Risk!! "But how? I used to back up my data base regularly!" You will be wondering! But the answer is YES. Saving your data back ups on a local system by adding more disks to your own computer network does not help to save your business in a difficulty, a virus, fire, flood, power surge, robbery or even an unsatisfied employee could still wipe out the entire database. Data backup protection, recovery and security are the major concerns of the organisations all over the world. CAReGO help to protect your sensitive and valuable files that you cannot afford to lose by saving the same remotely each time your branches synchronise with server. Now there are reasons to Cheer-up! Your data is safe with CAReGO , eventually your business as well.
'Online Data Restoration' – the name says exactly what it does. Yes; CAReGO can restore either the complete backup or even a partial backup over the intranet. All you need to do is just synchronise your local application with the server by simply clicking a button. CAReGO logistics management solution will analyse the availability and stability of the data on your local machine and feed whatever is left over in server automatically. Just start sync and relax! CAReGO logistics management solution always value your data and keeps it super safe. Within minutes it restores your entire valuable database.
This is the heart and head of CAReGO. This is the real solution we offer to your business. CAReGO is neither an online software nor offline. It is a hybrid architecture where each branch has a stand alone application that communicates with central server in a 'federal' system. Saturn developed a unique 'Planet solution' for inter branch application communication. This is a much safer, supremely faster, highly secured and encrypted mode of file transfer. "Planet' will connect the branches in a comparatively lower connectivity; even from a 'dial-up' connection. This makes CAReGO most suitable for remote location branches where continuous connectivity cannot be ensured.
A bug reporting system is a software feature that is designed to help quality assurance and programmers keep track of reported software bugs every day. CAReGO comes with an integrated Bug Tracking system with different tracking levels. Since CAReGO is a customisable project to suit your business strategies, this will help to run the software bug free. The feature enables the support team to know the bugs and correct them without delay, so that the system never faces any shut down instances.
TAs mentioned earlier, CAReGO has the unique feature that enables it to install online. Another added advantage is that, CAReGO supports automatic application updates. If you or your EDP team request any change requirements in the software, the same can be updated in all branches through internet when the branch software connects next time to the server. Without affecting the working and without any expert help it is updated through the back end.
Vehicle tracking APIS has set of standard interface that could couple with any of the VTS providers.
The web back office has friendly and rich user interface.Though carego back offfice has a lot of features,it uses less than 10 kb of data on an average for loading and executing the back office.
Carego uses one of the most powerful business intelligence reporting tool for MIS .Each report can be customized by the user.The user can export the report to pdf,doc,xls,csv etc format.The report can be filtered and sorted on the fly by the user.


Solution integrated corporate site provides information to track and view the status of consignment to consignee and consignor. Online request for booking and door collection, delivery time details, customer friendly tracking interface, synchronised status of consignments, duplicate waybills printing, customer accounts page retrieval are made possible online. The web portal acts as a customer service centre and capable of clarifying most of customer enquiries. The delivery perfomance details helps assessing transpoter's potential.
Accurate, up to date and instant information retrieval about the status of consignment, detailed account statement of customers, reports are necessary to serve a customer with satisfaction. CAReGO can efficiently channel all necessary information to the customer through the online portal. The customer satisfaction is also been ensured by the efficient tracking and monitoring of the workflow by the head office and operations centre.
Customers can request booking through the online portal which prompts the branch office to initiate the door collection of the consignment and follow up. This helps companies to have a speedy and smoother booking process.
Logistics and Supply chain management being the most crucial operations to every business, CAReGO has an intelligent tracking feature to track the consignment on the fly. This information is provided by accessing the current status through the back end. 'Intransit' consignment shows the current location of the vehicle transpoting the consignment

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